Club Events

The following galleries contain pictures from the more recent club events. We like to keep this page as up to date as possible, so when you take a load of snaps at an event, send them in to us by email and we can get them uploaded here.
  Gallery Description
e8bda5ab12ceaa34e79f86c15b0df286.jpg Brisbane RSC Golf day 2011 The Brisbane RSC social golf day was held at Gainsburough Greens Golf Club on the 2nd of October 2011. As always, it was...
4e0543056c602bf920b69c09a22dd6b1.jpg Golf 2010 - Woolston Park RSC Day out to the golf, congrats to team Alan C and Jonny on taking out the top prize with a score of 71.
19edac1462a55de1c491e30322b25106.jpg Brisbane RSC Sydney 2010 The Brisbane RSC traveled to Sydney to see the Rangers play Blackburn, AEK Athens and Sydney FC in the festival of footb...
cfba7b2c8f076fa9f7d5c51ac4708b07.jpg Golf Day Golf days out.
14a18dc6357d309167a300d54facc7a0.jpg Soocer Schools 2009 Rangers Soccer Schools rolled into Loganholme this week with 75 kids enjoying the classes laid on by some of Murray Park...
5a5a84aad76b8ee0a1df2091d8e5752c.jpg Player of the Year Night 2008 Player of the Year Night 2008
fca5e4a006a578bc4deb05148df37b7e.jpg Player of the Year 2007 Player of the year dinner 2007.
6ead04df85ed5d7ceb07f673842f15d7.jpg ORSA AGM 2008 Brisbane RSC was proud to host the 2008 ORSA AGM.
9e2c02f2d763ae8ec3cb931f6f6dd7e3.jpg Player of the Year Award Hemdani, Carlos and now Boogie.
cb01c3462b6ca5963a0729576b554998.jpg Andy Ibrox Visit Andy visited home and did the full Ibrox tour. Impressive.
b4b13b6667d19304e0afa04fc0e8403b.jpg Rangers related All the items that pop in the inbox that don't fall into any other category!
8ae528bd29aca1a9db491d3c43ddb59f.jpg Bowling 2007 and 2008 There have been two great bowling events over the last two years, spot the ageing.
57c59c87989d9cddf2887cdd3053617a.jpg Images during Games Various shots taken through games at the club, including the UEFA Final.
0538ef4f83d65f9e2141cd208a5a6302.jpg Fergie Visit Ian Ferguson visits the club in our first year.
e0361c87e1298f7c1001b27885c6988b.jpg ORSA 2009 16 of the Brisbane RSC headed to ORSA for the weekend, celebrating the ORSA 5th anniversay and the MGRSC 25th Anniversar...