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Tuesday, 01 November 2011 15:34
The committee of Brisbane RSC would like to take this opportunity to just like to remind all members and guests of the agreement between Brisbane RSC and our hosts at the Pig N Whistle. The agreement, which was put in place at our AGM at the start of this season, was to refrain from the use of any offensive songs (particularly the Billy Boys) and the use of FTP within the premises of the Pig N Whistle.
Brisbane RSC and the Pig N Whistle have had a great relationship throughout our 6 years as a club, we are still the only club to receive certain privileges that other supporter associations don't.
The management team at the Pig N Whistle have stated that they will always try to give us the "Ranger’s Room" but on certain occasions this may prove too difficult, with functions and other big games, When this occurs we will have to accept their decisions and remember that they are running a commercial entity. They have reiterated that they have our bests interests at heart but cannot justify giving Brisbane RSC the bigger room when other supporter groups are continually bringing more numbers.
The management team at the Pig N Whistle want to create a great atmosphere at every game and they embrace the bond that has been built between themselves and Brisbane RSC but after they received a warning last season from the licencing authority regarding songs sung at an old firm game they cannot continue to let this happen. So if we as members and guests of Brisbane RSC cannot police ourselves, regarding offensive singing at every game, then they will have no option but to start ejecting those who persist in behaving in this manner and start removing some of the privileges mentioned above that Brisbane RSC receive.
You all know that there are dozens of other great Rangers songs, which are not offensive, which every true bluenose will know and have sung for many many years, so come along enjoy the game and sing your heart out, without any unnecessary add ons.
We appreciate that we have all enjoyed singing these songs in the past but would ask that from this point forward that we all adhere to the above agreement when attending games at the Pig N Whistle. We trust that the above is fully understood by everyone but if anyone has any questions or comments then please get in touch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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